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Ravings and Rants
(What else did you expect from me?)
Holy Shit!  George Michael was on American Idol!  And how dense was I, while the top 12 were singing the GM medley, I'm thinking, "Gee...I wonder when they're gonna have GM on Idol..." and then a few minutes later Ryan introduces him. And I freaking scream. I scream in my basement like I'm at a concert! That was effin cool. (And yes, I do feel like I'm 20 again, why do you ask?). I only saw the last 30 minutes, but DVRd from the beginning, so maybe I'll catch up. Or not...we'll see.

As far as Season 7 went, I didn't watch the whole season like I did last year and the year before. I started tuning in when it was down to about 6 or so, an then usually only watched the results show, but I did see all of Andrew Lloyd Webber because, well, because he's Andrew Lloyd Webber.  Last night was the first competition show that I didn't FF through, and I told Cary at the end that I think it would be better for David A to win the crown because David C will have a career no matter what. David A will too, but I think he really needed the boost from Idol. I say that because David A has the better voice, but David C is the better performer--he has way more stage presence, something that David A will get that over time, but doesn't have quite yet.

I really, really thought, based on crowd reaction, that David A was going to win. When I checked out dialidol.com today, they predicted David C without any doubt. When Ryan announced it was by 12 million votes--wow! I found Simon's apology to David C quite interesting, and I'm somewhat glad he acknowledged the fact that he was wrong last night--it wasn't the blowout he originally thought.

I cannot wait until the George Michael concert--it's gonna be AWESOME!!!!!

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About an hour ago I received a phone call telling me to expect an email later today or tomorrow with a formal job offer!!!  YAY!!!!!

Details to follow...I could be starting next Tuesday if all goes well!

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Not that I've forgotten to do this, just haven't done it until now...

dancetomato rocks!  She got tickets for the George Michael concert at Verizon Center. I cannot wait!!!!

Thanks, DT!  You're the bestest!

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estherchaya, we are set for IG! Row K!!

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Okay, maybe I've been living under a rock, and someone on my flist has already announced this and I missed it.  But I just saw in EW that GM is touring the US this summer, so I checked ticketmaster to see when he'll be in DC, because you KNOW he'll be in DC!

Tuesday, July 29th. 8:00 PM. Verizon Center.  AMEX presale is 4/1; general public is 4/4--when we'll be in Florida.  Tix start at $55 and go to $250.

Who's with me?!?!?!?  Better yet, if you're with me, can you get the tickets (since I'll be in FL on Friday and doubt I'll have time)...and if you are an AMEX holder, even better!  I'll pay the service fees on your ticket (plus the ones on my ticket...duh! ;-). What other bribes can I offer you?  HUH? HUH?????

I'll be completely satisfied with $55 tickets. When I saw him on August 6, 1988 (almost 20 years to the day, you'll notice!!) at the Cap Center, we were 2 rows from the top, all the way in the back. I didn't care. I was there!  When I saw WHAM! on September 9, 1985 in Philadelphia at Vet's Stadium, they were barely visible on stage. I didn't care. I was there. (With my glow-in-the-dark dangly earrings too!)


Who's with me?  Seriously. Yes, Indigo Girls are July 17--that's enough time between concerts so that I can enjoy both. In 1993 I saw 10,000 Maniacs on a Tuesday, and then IG on that Friday--that was a bit close for me. Couldn't bask in the aura of Natalie Merchant because Amy and Emily were right on her heals! ;-)

PS--(specifically for ishyko)--I know I said the Eddie Izzard concert was out because of my joblessness. This is not being hypocritical. This is GEORGE MICHAEL!  My pretend boyfriend LONG  before Ewan (I didn't know from gay back then...just thought he was British! ;-). Don't judge. *g*

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Here's a new icon I just made from a photo Cary took of last night's eclipse. Pretty cool!

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Last weekend (over Yom Kippur) we were in Philly. My SIL and I went to Willow Grove Park mall to do some shopping on Sunday, and I stopped into the Lane Bryant there to check out what they got (they have one of the largest stores on the east coast, from what they told me a few years back--best selection I've seen for sure). I needed some new jeans, so I went over to their wall o' jeans, and became instantly confused. Seems they have revolutionized the jean sizing (don't believe me?  Go here), they're now sized 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc, are color-coded, AND come in lengths (which is good, since I'm short). Because there wasn't a conversion chart to be found (i.e, if you used to wear size X  you should try this size XX) I had to ask a sales associate for help. She measured my waist, and after trying on each of the colors (don't ask), I finally found one that fit.  My co-worker just complemented me on how great they look on me, which was sweet of her, but I had to laugh. Mainly over the whole "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc" thing.  I said, "I mean, I know I wear a large size. I don't think I'm automatically skinny just because my jeans now say '4' on them!"  

I find it all very amusing. Elisabeth used to do the same thing with their shirts and blouses, "1, 2, 3." Of course, that corresponded to 1X, 2X and 3X (pants and skirts, I think, remained in the 14-26 range, or whatever it was). I hate how women's clothing is sized. Why in the hell can't they just do it like men's clothing?  God forbid a woman actually knows what size her waist is in INCHES! Gasp!

I know I bitched about this back when I had to shop for maternity clothes (I think...who knows!), but figured I haven't ranted in a while and I know you guys miss that. I'm just giving my public what they want. *g*

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This is specifically for cruisedirector and beaniekins:

There are 2 shows on November 8th -- 7:30 and 10:00. I prefer the 7:30 show.  Tickets are $15, and are general admission. I'll buy my ticket once you confirm with me that you'll be going too, because I don't want to be some lame-assed old fogey there by myself. ;-)

If anyone else wants to join us, feel free!  Tickets are on sale at Jammin Java.

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The Penn State season opener is on Saturday against Florida International. I'll be at Dragon Con. 

There have been quite a few times since March 8 that I have missed Stacey ( goudagirl), and reading her posts, but now that football season is about to start, I find myself missing her even more. Even when I was swamped with work last fall, I would log into LJ to read her weekly PigFucker posts, laughing out loud each and every time Bobby Bowden was on the list (for, you know, just being Bobby Bowden!). And I always knew there was another Lion out there who loved watching the games as much as me, who had a similar childhood (growing up in State College, in Penn State's shadow), and who loved Penn State in general.  I miss her terribly. Hail to the Lions, Stacey! I'll be thinking of you while watching the games this fall. Perhaps JoePa can bring home another National Championship for you.

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I finally made it on air on the Jack Diamond Morning show!  Even though Jack's not there this week, and it's "The 'Best of' the Jack Diamond Morning Show," I still got on the air.

Tommy (the producer) was talking about how he lets a woman pay on their first date if she offers; especially if he's not that into her and doesn't want to waste money. Erica and Aly  were horrified by this behavior, and claimed this is why Tommy is still single (I'm sure the fact that he's 21 has NOTHING to do with it! *g*). This went on for a bit, and I just had to give my two cents, so I called. Aly answered, and I told her I agreed with Tommy (there are a number of reasons I agree with Tommy--the main one being, when a guy would ask me out, I wouldn't want to feel obligated to him (if ya know what I mean...), so I'd offer to pay. If he was very insistent, then I'd accept and thank him, and more likely than not, pick up the next tab, if there was one). I gave Aly the reason (which wasn't this one!), and she couldn't believe it! So she told me to hold on and when Tommy said my name, to say "I agree with you."

Here's the reason I gave Aly (and this is the extended version--not the version I gave on air)--this guy asked me to dinner with a group (I initially said no, but when he said it was with Jim Lovell (yes, THAT Jim Lovell), I accepted). When the check came, I went to get my wallet, and he said, "Let me get this." I hesitated, because I didn't think of this as a date. I had a feeling this guy was trying to get me to go out with him (and I admit, I was quite the bitch for agreeing to go to dinner only after I found out that Jim Lovell was going to be there, but it was JIM-FREAKIN-LOVELL!!!) but at least I didn't expect this guy to pay for my dinner. So, I told him, thank you, but no. He offered again, so I said okay.  After dinner, we went to Lovell's lecture, and I can't remember the exact exchange, but at one point he said, "AND she made me pay for her dinner!"  I turned to him and said, "EXCUSE ME?!?? MAKE you pay?  YOU offered, I didn't ask!" It was at that point that, even if he didn't have the personality of Eeyore, I decided there was no way in hell I was going out with him again (see icon above *g*).

The short version I told on air was that I went out with a group, this guy offered to pay, I accepted, and then later he pulled the line "And, she made me pay for her dinner!" Needless to say, the three of them were flabbergasted! I went on to tell that that, even on "real" dates, I'd always offered to pay, and gave the example of the first "date" with Cary. I had a feeling he was making about twice as much as I was, but I still offered. He insisted, so I thanked him and accepted. Hillary said, "So, you really mean it when you offer, then."  I said yes.  She said, "Well, that's a good plan...offer to pay for the first one out of the gate, then don't pay for anything for the next 5-10 years." That was funny, so I had to agree!

I called Cary to tell him. He reminded me that not only did he pay, but he only sat and watched me eat because he had already had breakfast, so that was, you know, triple points for him.

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Happy Birthday to jedihealer!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!
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I just received a call from our friend Dan that David (dochyel) passed away yesterday. I haven't been keeping up with LJ, and Cary hadn't read kradical's journal after yesterday morning, so he didn't know either.

My condolences to his wife, Alex--we're thinking of you.

This is the second person that I knew in real life and reconnected with on LJ that has died in the past 3 weeks. David was 48. Stacey was 35. What the fuck, people?  I mean, seriously...what the fuck?

I remember the first time I met David--Cary had told me about him, the Rabbi who was married to the Priestess, but I didn't meet him until PhilCon '99--we were in one of the con rooms, and this tall guy with long hair came over and picked up Cary and gave him a big hug. That was David. That was the first time I met Alex, and Keith, and heard their band, Don't Quit Your Day Job Players. When Cary and I got engaged, I said I wanted to go to Vegas to get married because I didn't want a huge wedding. Cary said he'd only get married in Vegas if I could find a Rabbi who would perform the ceremony dressed as Klingon Elvis. No sooner was that out of Cary's mouth that he realized that if we asked David, he actually might do it.  A few years later we were having dinner in DC with some Club Jaders--Helen was in town--and I was telling this story. Helen said, "Ooh!  I know someone!"  Turns out, she was talking about David too, and we laughed about what a small world it really is.

David suffered a heart attack back in September, and just posted on 3/21 that it had been 6 months since then, and thanks to rehab and check-ups, and he was feeling great. He just wrote about spending the High Holidays in Tokyo, where he was invited to perform a wedding and to spend the holidays, and how much he was looking forward to it.

This just sucks. Royally, royally sucks.

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HOLY SHIT!!! Rene Portland has resigned, effectively IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!

I just got a call from a friend (who I'll be seeing this weekend at the Parmi Nous 100th Anniversary gala!) informing me, so I went to the CDT home page and saw the link above.


LOOOOOOOOONG overdue, as far as I'm concerned!!!!!

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So, way back in 2005, after viewing ROTS and then ANH, ESB, and ROTJ, I posted this.

Last night, while waiting for Cary to get settled so we could watch BONES (DVRd, of course), ROTJ was on one of the movie channels (as all of the SW movies seem to be of late--bonus for me! *g*).  It was near the end (Leia just got shot, and Luke & Vader were just starting their final battle), so of course we watched the rest of it. 

Cary has joked (well, since the days of The Sith Academy, anyway!) that Vader fulfilled his destiny of becoming a full Sith when he killed Palpatine--he "rose up and killed his master."  Of course, I contend that his theory is ridiculous, and that (as mentioned in the linked post above) Vader was no longer a Sith, but that Anakin returned to being a Jedi.

While watching the fight scene between Vader and Luke, Cary still couldn't see how Vader killing Palpatine was not a selfish act--that he (Vader) really was killing his master so he could take his place, and that he saved Luke so that they could rule the galaxy together (as Anakin said he wanted to do with Padme during their last encounter on Mustafar)--that Vader, as someone who's been so evil for 20-odd years, wouldn't just suddenly STOP being evil.  Cary also mentioned that a line in the radio plays made the scene when Luke was getting Force-lightening fried so much more important--Luke says, "Father...help me!"  Palpy says, "He can't help you, he's only my slave." Had that bit of dialog been in the movie, it would have been so powerful. We saw how Anakin reacted in TPM when Padme referred to him as a slave. If Vader heard his "Master" call him the same, I can certainly see how that could allow that little bit that was "still good in him" to come through.  (And I remember thinking that same thing when I heard the radio plays, which was after I saw TPM.)

Absent that bit of dialog (Hey George!  Can we have a Super Special Sonic Edition where it's added? Pretty please?!?!?!), what's the journey that Vader takes to return to being a Jedi?  My theory (and again, forgive me if this was discussed 24 years ago--see subject line) is that at the end of Empire, when Luke chose death over the dark side (Cary: He didn't "choose" death--he chose an unknown fate to a known fate), Vader witnessed Luke making a choice, i.e., having free will, (again, my theory being, that Anakin was manipulated by Palpy from very early on, and his turning into Darth Vader wasn't so much a choice as it was being controlled by Palpy because Anakin was so unstable). So, perhaps at the time Luke jumped, while it might have meant very little, if anything,  Vader still witnessed it.  

Skip to the scene in ROTJ when the troopers bring Luke to Vader on Endor (sorry...the "Forest Moon of Endor"), and Luke says, "There is still good in you. The Emperor hasn't driven it from you fully."  And Vader responds with, "It is too late for me, my son." With, what I always heard as, much regret--like Vader was slowly realizing how much of a pawn he was, and that there really was no going back to that innocent little boy from Tattooine who would do anything to help anyone.  But then, he realizes (again, NOW?  NOW you realize??  You didn't feel it when you were torturing her on the Death Star years earlier?  What the hell kind of Sith Lord are YOU!?  But I digress...) that it's not just Luke.  That he has a daughter as well.  That whole "If you cannot be turned to the Dark Side, then perhaps she will!" taunt wasn't really Vader talking--that was either more mind whammy control from Palpy, or just the result of the years of brainwashing that occurred under Palpy. But in saying it, Vader realized that there were now two of them--two children that Padme gave birth to. The fighting continues, and Luke starts to beat down Vader, literally, until he sees that he IS becoming like his father (bionic hand and all), and he makes the choice, the CHOICE, to not become a slave to the dark side.  "You are wrong, your highness.  I am a Jedi. Like my father before me."  "So be it. Jedi." And Palpy starts to fry poor Luke.  And BOOM! Vader, nee, Anakin, realizes that he has a choice as well. Why now? Palpy was so focused on killing Luke--so incensed that this little snot-nosed, whiny bastard had the balls to think he could destroy him--HIM!?!? Darth Sideous--EMPEROR PALPATINE?!?!---that for a split second Palpy's control over Vader waned, and Vader's former life as Anakin rushed back into him, and he knew then and there that he wasn't this evil monster, more machine than man--he was Anakin Skywalker. The Chosen One. And he chose to save his son from certain death.

In Zahn's first trilogy, it was speculated that Palpatine was Force-controlling the battle over Endor, and that when Vader tossed him into the chasm, the Force connection with the Imperial Navy was lost and those fighting no longer knew what to do, so the Rebels obliterated them.  That theory is why I think that Palpy's connection to Vader could have been weakened during the attempt to kill Luke, and it during this time that Vader ceased being Vader and became Anakin Skywalker.

Holy schnikies!  I gotta get to work!!

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I found this and just had to post, because it's TOO DAMNED FUNNY!!!!

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Nathan is 1 today!  Well, technically, in another 12 hours and 15 minutes he'll be 1. But, ya know, details!

I've been out of work all week (sick!), so I don't have a lot of time right now, but I wanted to post a few things:

He has 4 teeth on the top, and at least 3 on the bottom--I noticed the 3rd one on Tuesday. Number 4 felt like it was going to come through any day now, but I don't know if it'll make it in the next 12 hours and 14 minutes. ;-)

He's walking all over now, occasionally dropping to crawl when he wants to get somewhere REALLY fast.  This morning he was all bundled to go outside, and I put him down while I put on my coat. He sat down, and was moving around a bit, and when I said, "Okay, time to go!" He stood up on his own!  Quite a feat, what with the bulky coat on. (Reminded me of  A Christmas Story..."Randy lay there like a slug. It was his only defense.")

He's so damned cute when he eats!  I could sit for hours watching him.  That is, when he's eating, and not blowing food raspberries. It's my fault--I thought it would be cute to do raspberries at him to make him laugh. Of course, he finds it funny to do raspberries when his mouth of full of apple sauce, or chewed green beans or broccoli (yes, my kid eats broccoli--ask estherchaya!). Anyway, lesson learned. (I wish!)

He's saying "Daddy" and knows what it means. He's been saying "dada" and "mama" for months now, but a few weeks ago he pointed to Cary and said "Daddy!"  Last night while he was eating his dinner, I could hear Cary opening the door with his key. Nathan perked up his ears, and I said, "Who's coming?" And he said, "Daddy!"

I keep buying him birthday presents. I really gotta stop. I had this vision of him turning into Dudley--"I got 2 less presents than I got last year! Where are my presents?!?!"

And oh yeah...we took him to his first Trek con this past weekend. He wore his R2 costume for a brief period of time, and we got his picture with Boba Fett and a Trooper and Tie Pilot.  There was a Jawa walking around earlier in the day, but we missed her by the time he woke from his nap and we got him dressed.  Everyone commented on how cute he looked.  Before he was in costume, we got a picture with Vader...Nathan was in his stroller, and he kept looking up at Vader--it was soooo damned cute.  He was probably thinking, "Hey! You're that guy that's on my bedroom wall! Who the HELL are YOU!?!?!?"  The only time he cried was when he saw av_lad dressed as V (for Vendetta). Of course, it was in the darkened ballroom. ANYone would've cried at that point! ;-)

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Just saw this on the Comcast.net home page.

Good for John.  Though I somehow knew this when I was at Penn State (working at La Vie at the time; after I graduated). It does piss me off that male pro athletes have to hide this even more that most people. Like it's "more acceptable" to be an actor and be gay--it's like people expect that. But to be a "manly" athlete and be gay--forget it.  Unless you're a female golf pro, or female basketball player, then (again) it's expected.

*sigh*  When's society gonna grow up?

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Thought slitterst would get a kick outta this!

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I asked. Basil answered. Because he rocks!  :-)

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I neglected to mention that over the weekend, Saturday to be precise, we took Nathan to Striderite to lay out $42 for a pair of shoes he will wear for about 6-8 weeks, if we're lucky.  His doctor told me that we didn't need to buy the expensive shoes until he started walking, and since he did that last week (on a regular basis, and not just cruising around furniture), it was time.  He did have a pair of Target  "robies" and OshKosh sneakers that he was wearing, but time to retire the OshKosh sneakers.  

The kind salesperson measured his foot, and holy shit!!  5-Extra Wide!!!  Okay, technically, his one foot is a 4 and his other foot is a 4.5, so you go with the 5s, but EXTRA WIDE?!?!  I have a feeling he's not going to be able to wear the Darth Vader sneakers I got for him.  I'll be one sad momma if that's the case. :-(

I love his little shoes with laces. They're so darned cute!

I also wrote a few weeks ago that he had some new teeth coming in...well, I can't remember if I said they were through, or if they were on the verge of cutting through, but I think I was a bit premature if I said that, because the top left just broke through a day or two ago, and just barely at that.  The top right, and the bottoms look like they're about ready to as well, but it might be some time...these seem to be taking a bit longer than the 1st four that came in.

I have to remember to do more updates, mainly because this is the only place I do them, and I can't remember shit anymore, so if I don't do them here, I won't remember my kid's early development! Bad momma!

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Happiest of Birthday wishes to estherchaya!!!!!!!

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Cary's parents came for a visit this weekend, so naturally we took advantage of the free babysitting and headed out on Saturday night to see a movie.  There are a bunch of Oscar-nominated films I wanted to see, but the show times didn't mesh. There's also Ewan's new flick, Miss. Potter, but it was only showing at one theater at one time and it didn't work either.  So we decided on Smokin' Aces, a flick that looked like it was just absolutely horrible, but Stephen Hunter of The Washington Post gave it a good (albeit snarky) review, and it starred Jeremy Pivan, and I was completely exhausted and in the mood for a completely mindless film with violence (something I really haven't been into of late).  As Hunter said, it was sort of a "hitman's olympics."  (I told Cary it reminded me of "Slayer Fest '99," but he didn't see it.)

We settled in with our popcorn and soda, and began to enjoy the snark. And the fact that anyone, at any time, could get blown away.  Mid-way through the movie I heard a baby cry, annoying the shit out of me. Grant it, the baby (toddler, actually, because I saw the "mom" take the kid out at one point, which surprised me actually because I didn't think she had enough brain cells to realize to do that) only fussed a few times, but, in my opinion, people have no business bringing kids of that age to an R-rated movie.

Oh, but it gets better!  At the end of the movie, I noticed FOUR OTHER KIDS, ALL UNDER THE AGE OF 8 (some as young as 4 or 5), getting up out of the seats near the toddler. WHAT THE FUCK?  I mean, seriously...WHAT THE FUCK???  There are just SOOOO many things wrong with this, I don't even know where to begin.

1) If you can't afford a babysitter, and you have to bring your kids along to the movie (which, in this day and age, is actually cheaper than a babysitter), DON'T TAKE THEM TO AN R-RATED MOVIE THAT SHOWS TONS OF VIOLENCE AND UTTERS "FUCK" EVERY OTHER WORD!
2) I guess I put my whole bitch into #1, so no #2.

I told Cary that I was going to petition the MPAA for a new rating--R10.  That means no one under 10 allowed, period.  I don't care if they're with a parent or guardian or not, because, obviously, stupid people are allowed to breed, so someone's gotta tell these morons that it's not okay to bring a small child to a movie like this. He said you can't do that--you can't legislate stupidity. I said, "Well, you can't make it painful, so dammit, we'll make it illegal!"  He pointed out the stink PG13 raised when it first came out, and I countered with, "Yeah, that was 23 years ago, and people don't give a shit about PG13-ratings anymore."  He counter-countered with "And in 10 years people aren't going to care if the government monitors all of their phone calls and opens their mail?"  I said, "Actually, probably not, the way things seem to be going."

So Cary asked me what side of the political spectrum I was really on, and I said I was on MY side, and that everyone else was wrong. And I said that maybe Anakin had the right idea, and maybe if I were in charge, everything would be hunky-dory.

Okay, so I've gotten a little tongue-in-cheek there, but I am serious about there being a new rating that bans children under 10 from certain R-rated films in theaters.  Who makes that call as to what films get an R or an R10?  I don't know...I'll volunteer. 

I know this isn't a perfect solution. And hell, I even know that this has problems written all over it.  I guess all I want to know is, what kind of a parent thinks it's okay to take a child to a movie like Smokin' Aces?  Seriously.  Get a fucking brain.  Or stop having sex.

People are fuckwits.

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Nathan's been saying "mama" and "dada" for some time now. Sometimes I think he even knows what they mean.

The past few weeks, he's been saying other stuff that sounds suspiciously like "cat" (actually, it sounds more like Ken in A Fish Called Wanda, when he's trying to tell Archie the name of the hotel where the safety deposit box that fits the hidden key is located, which of course gets Cary and me to start doing our best Ken immitations...and Otto too) and "duck." Well, the past few days, that "duck" and "cat" are actually used when he's pointing to pictures of rubber duckies, or when he wants his rubber ducky, or when he's trying to find Smokey.

So yeah..."duck."

One letter away from what Cary said his first word was going to be.

I'm laughing my ass off!!!!

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In case you didn't see the post in Cary's LJ, Nathan took his "official" first steps last night.  (There's video too, so head over there if you haven't already seen it.)

He's been "cruising" around the furniture for a while now, and taking one itty-bitty step and falling. The daycare said he's been taking steps, and said it again last night when I picked him up.  When I was done feeding him, Cary took him into the living room to play, and I ran downstairs to make sure the DVR was taping IDOL. It wasn't, so I had to turn it on and set it up, and while doing so, I heard Cary yell down "He's WALKING!!!  COME UP HERE!"  Well, it took me another minute to get the DVR set, and Cary was irratated that I was putting TV over seeing my son walk for the first time, but honestly?  He already walked. I already missed it. So what if I take another minute?  So I got upstairs, and we sat and played for a few minutes, and I grabbed the camcorder, and just happened to turn it on while he was cruising along the couch, and next thing I know he let go and took more than one step and didn't fall down until he ran into my coat. :-)
So, it's the second time Cary saw him take more than one itty-bitty step, but I doubt that was actually the first time he walked.  But it's our "official" first time, so there! ;-)

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Have to give a quick Nathan update--he's cutting his fifth tooth. It's the upper left, but I'm not sure if it's the one right next to the one he's got or the one one over from that (confused yet?).  Poor baby was miserable all weekend.  Well, most of the weekend. My parents were here helping us do stuff around the house (we got A LOT done--we now have storage space in the basement again for things that we'll actually use and not for empty boxes and other people's shit that they gave us because they thought we could use it and I couldn't say I didn't want it because I didn't want to hurt their feelings, and also removed pieces of carpet in the basement that was mildewed because it got wet last week when the humidistat on the heat pump leaked for days because the filter that Cary replaced wasn't attached properly, not that I'm blaming Cary because it was the same piece of carpet that got wet back in June when the basement flooded when we were at LBI, and OMG can this sentence get any longer???), and Nathan played lots with my mom, but when it came time to eat, he didn't eat a lot. And he woke two nights in a row crying.  He also has another cold, so he's coughing a lot too.  Poor baby.

American Idol last night was freakin' hysterical. I was LMAO reading TWoP's recap today--just brilliant!


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Looks like I logged in on the right day to wish <lj user=gnomi> a Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!
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Coming out of hiding to post the letter I sent to Entertainment Weekly this morning. I sent some of you this via email, and it started a nice thread about how NOT obsessive this guy is, so I just HAD to share with my flist!

My email heading to a select group:

Thought you guys might get a kick out of my letter to Entertainment Weekly. It's in response to their "Obsessive Fan of the Week" from the 1/19/07 issue, who was one, David Pilch, of Ware, MA. He had a Star Trek-themed Christmas tree because, as his wife wrote in, "He's been collecting the Hallmark ornaments since they first came out over 10 years ago." Also in the blurb: "She also tells us that David owns ST mugs, snow globes, puzzles--even Pfaltzgraff place settings. Beam us up, Scotty. And hurry."

Who, among us, doesn't have enough ornaments to have their own ST- or SW-themed christimas tree? Yeah...thought so. ;-)

What I sent to EW:

Dear EW,

with no disrespect intended to David Pilch, but Star Trek (and Star Wars) fans like him are a dime a dozen. I should know, I am one (Star WARS that is). I have many friends who have their Star Wars-themed Christmas trees, and a few who have crafted their very own Star Wars-themed Menorahs. And lets not even list those fans who have named their child Anakin (seriously). I love seeing those folks you've christened as Obsessive Fan of the Week, but I have to say, I'm a bit disappointed with the category for the January 19th issue--I expect better from EW.

MTFBWY (that's May the Force Be With You!)
Jo Wilson
psujedi at comcast dot net

Of course I forgot to mention my tattoo. Or being announced at our wedding to the Throne Room Endtitle. Or cutting the wedding cake to the cantina music. Or knowing people that spent their life savings to make a Star Wars fan film (yes ishyko, I'm talking to you!). Or that whole group known as Club Jade (I'm sure someone has already mentioned this on their LJ, I just haven't read anything in ages, so don't take it personally). I just think EW calling this guy an Obsessive Fan of the Week is rather lame. I didn't want to be that blunt in my email to them, so I hope they can read between the lines.

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was Florida THAT good, or was Ohio State as overrated as I always thought they were this season?


Heh heh heh!

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Nathan turned 10 months old on Dec. 22--did I write about that already? I can't remember, and I don't have time to go back and look. He's waving goodbye (and hello!), walks around holding onto furniture, stands for a few seconds on his own (the director of his daycare said he took a few steps on his own the other day--Wednesday, I think--but I haven't seen him do that at home yet), and started climbing stairs while we were visiting my uncle in State College on Dec. 23. He's climbing the hell outta our stairs now, too, but so far, only goes up. We haven't taught him how to go down yet. Soon, I'm sure, though. He's really starting to develop his personality--and I have a feeling (as I've had before), the two of us will clash heads on more than a few occasions! When he doesn't get what he wants, he gets very pissed and frustrated (nah...he's not a Wilson!). He's biting more (and it hurts, dammit!), and he's hitting. "NO!" is coming out of my mouth more and more. Every now and then it'll get a reaction out of him (he'll stop, look at me with sad puppy-dog eyes, and start crying because I was a mean mama for yelling at him!). Everyone says how fast he is, and I told one of the daycare teachers (she was telling me that he's managed to find a way to get from the infant side of room into the toddler side of the room by crawling under some cribs and over/around obstacles--something no other baby has attempted before) that maybe he can translate that into becoming a wide receiver and getting a football scholarship "some"where (you all know where I'm thinking, no need to point it out...). She thought that was amusing.

Speaking of football, I didn't even get to see the Outback Bowl--around 1:30/2:00 AM on New Year's Day I woke up to puking my guts out. That lasted for about 5 hours, then I was in bed the rest of the day with other stomach virus symptoms that I won't go into here. Cary set the DVR to tape both the Tournament of Roses Parade (since Lucas was the grand marshall...he couldn't have been the grand marshall back in '95, could he?) and the game, but the game didn't take (not sure if it was because I was running low on space and it knew it wouldn't be able to get the whole thing or what). Of course, I didn't find that out until Tuesday night when I sat down to watch it. *sigh* So Joepa got his 22nd bowl game victory with a 20-10 win over the Tennessee Volunteers. I heard about Letterman's Top Ten (Ways to tell you're watching too much college football...#3: you ask yourself, "What would Joe Paterno do?" LOL!). Joepa's now only 3 games behind Bowden, because FSU has lost so damn many times this year (yeah...I'm so sad about THAT!). I said to Cary, "Am I a horrible person if I want Bowden to kick it over the summer so that Joe can surpass him for the last and final time next season??" Cary said that yes, I was a horrible person. Oh well...why should 2007 be any different than 2006? (Mah nishtana?)

And oh yeah...oh so sad to see both Michigan AND Notre Dame lose their games. Boo-freakin'-hoo.

Because of the stomach thing, I was off work on Tuesday and Wednesday (didn't have the strength because I wasn't eating). I was in only a half day on Thursday because I had doctor appointments in the afternoon (ones I rescheduled from back when we were slammed and on deadline), then stayed until 5:30 last night, AND brought work home with me. Yeah...nice and busy at work, why do you ask?

I can't think of anything else to write right now--too many things going on, not enough time. Oh, we did meet gnomi and mabfan at Seth and Karen's last week--lovely dinner, as usual, and lovely company.

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Okay, so this was refresh #4, but still amusing!

May the Psu_jedi be with you.

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